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Gastronomic Rome

We could define Rome as the capital of art, history and Italian gastronomy.
Let be tempted by the eternal beauty and unique flavors of this wonderful city!

The Barolo Hills; between vineyards and history

In the heart of the Langhe hills, placed on a sort of plateau lies the tranquil village of Barolo, which together with 10 surrounding municipalities, are the namesake wine producing area protected by the mark of Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG) .

An itinerary in Franciacorta

Lombardy, the area north-east: landscapes of gentle rolling hills. Their profiles created by vineyards
This is the land of Franciacorta

From Marsala to Taormina, to discover art and food

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea, over the centuries on the coast and in the hinterland many peoples,have settled here, from Greeks to Arabs, leaving indelible testimonies that have made the artistic and cultural heritage of this region truly unique

Bologna the fat city

Bologna is a city of art of timeless charm but at the same time you can breathe a dynamic and young atmsphere, thanks to the multitude of college students who enliven the city’s main roads, such as those that start from one of the symbolic monuments city, the Asinelli Tower, which rises in the sky, together with the Garisenda and nearby Two Towers, the tallest in the “towered” city.

The canals of Milan and Brera district: a must for art and happy hour

Milan is a city of many facets, in particular the area of Navigli and the Brera district sum up the most evocative mood, as they represent the perfect combination of interesting artistic and historic points of interest and of the city nightlife, which finds its most expression in the aperitif, a real must!

A gastronomic itinerary in Tuscany

Tuscany is a fascinating Italian region in terms of historical, artistic and gastronomic point of view.
The link between the food and the territory is indeed very strong and varied, just like the landscapes ranging from the white Tyrrhenian coasts, to the rolling hills of the hinterland up to the highest slopes of the Apennines.

Mediterranean flavors of the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast is one of the most picturesque lands of the Italian coast, declared a UNESCO heritage site since 1997, it has great atmospheres and really magical landscapes. Each of the 16 municipalities that are part of it, has its own historical cultural and gastronomic identity; therefore are you ready to discover them?

Street food in Polignano a mare

Sea, sun and good food are the perfect combination to enjoy a dream vacation.
And if all that you could live each day? Then we talk about Pescaria, the fish bar of our dreams located in Polignano a Mare!

Trasimeno lake food & wine experience

In Umbria, along the quiet shores of Trasimeno Lake there are many places to discover.
Castiglione del Lago is one of the most famous towns, but between the green hills and the gentle waters of the lake, there are charming villages, just as unique as Passignano and Magione.

Gourmet tour in south-eastern Sardinia

Sardinia has beaches and bays overlooking a horizon of sea among the most crystalline of the planet. Actually the island has much more to offer: from the historical-cultural point of view, to nature and of course to food! We focus on this last aspect, considering the various culinary delights of the region, for now circumscribing them to the area of interest of the south-eastern part, including Cagliari and its surroundings.

Naples street food

Naples is now recognized as one of the cities where you eat better in the world.
In Naples was invented pizza, the Italian food most known in the world, and also the tradition of Italian pasta has a long history in Naples.
In Naples, the street food is the king. In the narrow streets of the old town, an Unesco World Heritage, and in all parts of the city, there are stalls and shops selling every kind of food.

The road of Cantico wines

The road is named The Road of Cantico Wines because passes trough Assisi, the town of of St. Francis, a city rich in history and mysticism, known around the world for the exploits of the saint and the beautiful Cathedral. But Assisi and the municipalities of the surroundings are also known for their vineyards, which since 1997, boast the DOC Assisi white and new wine.

Gastronomic tour in the cosmopolitan Trieste

Today Trieste is a cosmopolitan city that reflects its historical past, characterized by various dominations and influences such as the Austro-Hungarian, Italian and European, that left tangible traces from an architectural, cultural and gastronomic point of view.

Street food in Bari Vecchia

A visit of the town of Bari cannot be considered closed, if not visiting this charming village made of baroque churches, historic houses with their courtyards, charming alleys, smells and sounds. Destination for travelers, cruise passengers, Bari Vecchia is a neighborhood characteristic for each hour of the day

Gastronomic tour of the Sorrento Peninsula

The generous Mediterranean nature of the Sorrento coast, characterized by mild climate of the sea and the slopes of the Lattari Mountains, are the authors of many gastronomic delights which can be discovered

Eating in Mantova with the Gonzaga

The Gonzaga ruled the city until 1707, making Mantua one of the most beautiful and important cities of northern Italy and above all, one of the most important art centers in Europe. The Mantovana cuisine certainly reflects this long period

Valpolicella, among vineyards and history

Valpolicella is presented as a range of small valleys that extends along a hilly area enclosed between Lake Garda, the Lessini Mountains and the plains of Verona. Thanks to the geo-morphological structure of the territory, there is a mild climate, similar to the Mediterranean, ensuring the cultivation of vineyards and olive trees that represent the originality and uniqueness of the landscape and of the food and wine of Valpolicella

The flavours of Salento

Salento is identified with the places of the province of Lecce, which geographically are the “heel of Italy”. The peculiarity of this area is in the wide range of the landscape;

Tips for your food & wine tours in Italy